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According to a 2014 U.N. report, 54% of the world’s population resides in urban areas, with further urbanization projected to push that share up to 66% by the year 2050. This projected surge in population has encouraged local and national leaders throughout the world to rally around “smart cities” — a collection of digital and information technology initiatives designed to make urban areas more liveable, agile, and sustainable.

Smart cities depend on a collection of enabling building and infrastructure technologies such as sensors, mobile computing, social media, high-speed communication networks, and intelligent data platforms …

Smart Applications:
Early applications of smart city technologies are seen in transportation and logistics, local government services, utilities, health care, and education. Our development team has put the use of machine learning and big data technologies to understand and predict building, community, vehicular traffic, and congestion patterns, as well the use of wearables in large-scale health care project and data platforms.

The solution allows buildings and precincts to operate effectively. These include monitoring, planning and managing services such as cleaning, gardening, security, and maintenance.

The Platform:
The platform for Smarter Investors, the team of advisors and consultants who are working with Private Equity Investors to implement AI business and investment strategies to build Private Equity Platform for Smarter Investors

  • Strategic investment in AI start-up companies
  • Outsourcing facility management packaged services
  • Existing property refurbishment and value added development
  • Private equity investment in Real Estate and its value chain
  • Packaged community advertisement and digital marketing

The Challenges, Trends, Solutions and Opportunities

The Reasons You’ll Love It


Safety, function, asset tracking, reporting, invoicing, document storage, issuing work orders, and inventory management

Facility Manager has Too Many Responsibilities

Controlling operating expenses
Increase the life span of equipment
Dealing with aging inventory 
Issues with structural integrity
Regulatory and compliance standards
Energy conservation
Vendor Management


The building will have high value if there is high usage

Optimal utilization of resources and organizational assets

IoT-based Architecture 
Interconnect API for hybrid application 
Predictive for resources allocation
Transparency and productivity 
Integrate big data for operation
Real-time cross functional management


Allow property owner to raise capital through existing building

Smarter asset, human capital allocation

Identify no commercial value asset
Identify the best value to buy
Knowing where needs refurbish
Raise capital through asset
Develop new capability
Preventive maintenance
Automate job order through IoT


Global outsourced facilities management market reaching USD$ 641 billion

A large market for the key segments

Property services
E-commerce link to logistic
Security services
Shared outsourced components
Growing Healthcare
Expanding Elderly care sectors
Smart Catering and cleaning services


Moving Towards Integrated Facility Services

Amazing App Features

Integrated Technology
Bundled contracts
A single point of contact
Reduction of administrative overhead
Cost efficiencies
Financial and operational certainty
Single contract guaranteeing

Global and Regional

Moving to Global and Regional Procurement

Increased standardization through

Data Center and software facilities
Global design evaluation and validation
Audits and certification
Centralizing procurement
Enhance quality control
Managing integrated intelligent devices
Creating a sense of security

On-Demand Resource System

Live Stats Anywhere

Integrated Digital Delivery System

  • Reaching out to new customers

  • Capturing interests and leads in real time

  • Growing through recommendations engine

  • Content marketing and brand positioning

  • Intelligent business insights for decision making

  • Timeline posts and interactivity

  • Grow revenue more predictable through right decision making

Digital Construction & Property Development

Consultant Managed AI, Data Science and Robotic Marketplace

Customer & Development Studies

Philosophy We Strive For

Skills We Use

Objective-C 95%
User Interface 89%
App Design 97%
Python 90%

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