The building automation system from QRInno eliminates the need for traditional wall switches to control lighting in public areas. Instead, lights are automatically controlled through a comprehensive control system. This system uses a star topology that is easy to network and convenient for management and maintenance purposes. The platform software simplifies the engineering process and allows for easy integration of different types of presence sensors in different areas of the building.

Different types of presence sensors are used depending on the building areas, with frequent movement of people in the public areas and usually less frequent movement of people in the office areas. The seamless integration of all detectors into the control platform enables needs-based resource utilization, and the avoidance of energy waste. Combined with the continuous evolution of intelligent control algorithms, this has resulted in lighting energy savings of more than 40% over years of operation. The building also uses a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) air conditioning system that is connected to the control platform with simple wiring and easy maintenance. With the algorithm for human presence detection, HVAC energy savings rate exceeds 20%.

The entire building operation and maintenance system is based on the open automation platform and bus standards used worldwide. This makes the building not only modern but also leaves space for future expansion. In this way, the building automation system from QRInno not only provides energy savings but also ensures the building is future-proof and ready for any expansion or upgrades.