Resource.AI bridges the gaps between video analytics, intelligent sensing, command center, workforce matching and resource deployment policy.

It enables “Facility Service and Asset Management Resources” to communicate its utilization and “be deployed on demand”.


The Response Command Center 

Focus on Data Analytic, AI and Robotic for SME and Large Enterprise, Resource.AI is a command center enables the executive to easily digest KPIs from across departments and keep their finger on the pulse of the business.

Leaders can take action immediately and strategically drive meetings by asking probing, data-driven questions regarding the state of the organization.

The executive makes monitoring the business via a command center quick and easy by seamlessly blending data from across platforms and disparate sources.

Real-time analytics displayed in a single place offers executive leadership an opportunity to engage with the big picture numbers each day.

  • Empower facility managers with instant visibility into different facilities and user behavior.
  • Empower facility managers with data on resource utilization for workspace optimization.
  • Analyzes wait times and staffing at large facilities to optimize services and user experience.

Manager can conduct interviews, gather feedback on issues, select decision, and finalize offers

All without being tied to a desk, the interactive rating screen for the manager to complete post-interview using embedded transactional features, executive can immediately submit feedback on issues to back-end tracking systems, and other essential resources help keep manager organized and efficient, even when they are offline.