Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Executing System

QRInno Resource-On-Demand Technologies “Resource.AI”

Integration with Web Site (B2B2C) and E-Commerce Service Portal

QRInno “Resource.AI” Resource-On-Demand Technologies can be Integrated with Web Service and E-Commerce Portal using Real-Time Artificial Intelligence. This can dramatically simplify the management of complex Resource-On-Demand projects. Such as:

  • Online Store: On-Demand Booking and Re-Scheduling
  • Make-to-order(Short-run, Quick-turn)
  • Referral Program
  • Loyalty Program
  • Event Planner
  • Credit Management
  • Store Localization
  • Alert managers when operational problem are about to occur
  • Virtual Assistant or robotic application processing

Example of on-demand short-run services:

  • Course booking, re-scheduling, forecasting and planning
  • Renovation services
  • Repairing services
  • Healthcare on-call service
  • Security on-call service
  • Restaurants, stores, dentists, dry cleaners, petrol stations, logistic companies

Customer Challenges

  • Limited manpower and head-count budgets
  • Handle dozens of complex service running simultaneously
  • Scheduling different and multiple work centers
  • Over hundreds of work orders, purchase orders and inventory
  • Needs JIT (Just-In-Time) real-time planning and scheduling
  • Real-time detect when things are going wrong and taking appropriate action
  • Trace the potential project coming and on-going post-sales support
  • Contingency re-planning and re-scheduling (Employee fail to show up for work, Equipment Break down, Defect and Rework etc.)

QRInno Resource.AI Resource-On-Demand Features:

  • Real-Time Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-time operations Sensing & tracking data with IVA (Intelligent Video Analytic)
  • Real-time operations Sensing & tracking data with QR-code and RFID
  • Real-time operations Sensing & tracking data with Process Control and Quality Inspection
  • Real-time knowledge database (Status, Field Employee, Process Control, Location, etc.)
  • Frequent re-scheduling and re-planning make-to-order manufacturing
  • Detect when problem occur and notify system user when they need to intervene
  • Dynamically re-schedule the use of resources to best achieved the desired outcome
  • Plan and re-plan the use of resources to meet desired objectives
  • Captures and tracks the real-time status of materials, employees and machines as well as the current status of purchase, pick, work and ship order
  • Bilingual brain and decision-making process

Rules-based AI Expert Systems

  • Machine Learning and Training using Optimized planning Rules
  • Cognitive intelligent about uncertainty, Time, Importance, Reliability of information
  • Prediction, contingency aware and alerting support

QRInno RAD (Rapid Application Development)

  • Re-scheduling and re-planning module
  • AI prioritization and queue module
  • General resource planning module
  • Materials supplier planning module
  • Problem detection alerting rules and algorithms
  • Custom rules and Knowledge-based algorithms
  • Allow employee’s “general knowledge” to override the AI recommendation
  • Allows for dynamic variation of resources (Competences and availability)

QRInno Custom Resource Planning Module Development

  • Alternative resource recruitment
  • Matches the competence capabilities needed for an operation orders
  • Relative priority and queuing policy
  • Competence levels
  • Decision making
  • Recommended schedule to which work center or available manpower to use
  • Recommended schedule in-house resource or subcontract for operation

QRInno Custom Real-Time IoT Preventive Module Development

  • Materials were not staged at work centers
  • Operation longer than planned
  • Machine or equipment downtime too long
  • High defect level in process
  • Delay in process
  • Sensor technologies and allocation planning
  • Pull-based inventory algorithms and agents

QRInno Custom Real-Time Operation Tracking Module Development

  • Materials tracking
  • Workforce tracking
  • Influence tracking

Portal Use Case: Marketplace

Search and Booking

  • All course items are categorized
  • Customers can use the mobile app to order products
  • Before the booking, the customers can specify the course location for pick-up
  • Users can also select time between “as soon as possible” and “custom time”
  • Customers can use the QR code to collect the booking at the course location. Staff in the course location can use the QR reader to scan the code and to display information about the order in the web application


  • As the last step of the booking, customers can choose payment method
  • Retail course location clients can upload credit upfront and later use it for payments. This can be advantageous for both course location (office) owner and customers. The user can buy one of the predefined amounts of credit or they can define a custom amount.

Location Management

  • The customer comes in with QR code in mobile app which is scanned and detail of this booking is then displayed in the web console
  • course location manager can edit the global menu with changes applied only for his course location. The employee can only mark menu items as not available for booking.
  • Users can use the web application to manage reservations or appointments. Chain manager can view reservations. course location manager and employee can view reservations for their course location or office and mark them as used or cancel them.
  • Each reservation has following properties:
    • Customer’s name
    • Date and time
    • Duration
    • Number of people (optional)
    • Course location

Reward Management

  • For every booking, they can also receive points which they can later exchange for discounts or free products
  • Users can participate in the loyalty program and collect the point for various activities, these reward types are available:
  • Fixed discount – can be applied to order in online course location.
  • Percent discount – can be applied to booking in online course location.
  • Points – available only if Points or VIP tiers are enabled.
  • Product – Free product from the menu.
  • Users can redeem rewards from a special screen in the application.

Rewards are also given to customers for participating in Referral & Loyalty program. Only course manager can edit and view rewards, other roles cannot access them. There are several reward types available:

  • Fixed discount – can be applied to booking in online course location.
  • Percent discount – can be applied to booking in online course location.
  • Points – available only if Points or VIP tiers are enabled.
  • Product – Free product from the menu.

Each reward has a number of properties:

  • Required points – points required to buy this reward in the mobile app.
  • Reward availability – whether reward can be used online and in course location.
  • Reward validity – Unlimited or X days after the reward is claimed.
  • Reward title – name of reward displayed in the mobile app.
  • Image – either predefined or a customized one.

Referral and loyalty program

Course managers can also enable or disable loyalty program. They can set ways how customers will earn points, e. g. fixed or variable reward for each booking. Subsequently, they can configure means of spending the points. They can add existing rewards and set the price in points of these rewards.

  • Users can invite other people to join the Referral & Loyalty program. They can send them predefined text message or contact them via Facebook Messenger
  • After redeeming, users can immediately apply the reward. After clicking on the button, they will be redirected to the online course location, with the selected reward already placed in the cart.
  • One of the optional features is course location Available course locations and branches can be displayed on the map in mobile app

Only course managers can access and edit referral program settings. They can enable two types of rewards.

  • First one is for new users who register using a referral code from an existing user.
  • The second one is given to users (advocates) who have referred another user and this user has made a purchase.
  • It can either be a one-time-only reward or they can get a reward for every n-th purchase of the referred user.
  • Course managers can also customize the message which will be sent to the advocates via Facebook or text message. Messages can be customized from the web applications using dynamic variables such as referral code, first and last name or loyalty points reward for booking
  • From the same screen, managers can also enable and modify the appearance of a post, which the customers can share on Facebook after each purchase or reservation.

In summary, QRInno Resource.AI Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Executing System will help you to build the algorithms to make adequate decisions quickly, and together we make Robot smarter !!!