Who are we

QRInno Development is headquartered in Singapore, accelerated by NUS Enterprise and Huawei i5Lab, With it Predictive Engine for Resource allocation (PERA) engine and Resource.AI, our consulting team is committed to enhancing your existing adoption of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, Big Data, Robotic Processing Automation, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

At the forefront of the technology landscape, QRInno leverages AI and IoT to help companies to improve its demand and resource forecasting capabilities with the command center, which is engineered to equip with extensive visibility to devices, people, customer support activities, and other technology resources.

At i5Lab, QRInno fostered strategic collaboration with NUS Enterprise and Huawei to Resource.AI application. Under the hood of AI, QRInno deploys new machine-learning technology to build customers demand and resource allocation solution. The machine learning, which is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), uses specially-designed algorithms to generate predictions based on captured data either from documents, asset utility or micro-sensors.


To be the leading, innovative Digital Property Builder offers timely delivery of business automation transformation in the highest quality for enterprises in the region

To provide IT Business and Mobile App Solutions to enable SMEs to go digital to improve their productivity and operational efficiency

QRInoo Development – Values Statement

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitment to Quality, Risk Management, and Innovation:

  • Customer First – we only offer what you need and not what we have
  • Never Settle – we relentlessly pursue quality and excellence through continuous improvement
  • Risk Management – we manage the risk and value openness and recognize the participation and contribution of all participants from local communities
  • Innovation – we committed to an Innovation culture of teamwork and collaboration


We make Robot Smarter!

Our development team consists of technology consultants, software engineers, lead experienced Industrial project engineers or program managers with over 20+ of years in the tech sector.