The Integrated Digital Delivery System is a comprehensive approach to infrastructure development that utilizes digital technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital twins to connect stakeholders and streamline work processes. This system includes features such as a digital take-off platform for fast and accurate quantity measurements, integrated project management using AI technology, funding and market feasibility forecasting, predictive engine for contract and project administration, smart resource planning, procurement marketplace and database, customer and supplier relationship management, and embedded utilities with electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, sensor/vision, and CCTV network infrastructure services. The goal of the Integrated Digital Delivery System is to enhance project planning and execution, improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and deliver optimal solutions for customers.

Our Integrated Digital Delivery System is based on the principles of Computational BIM and the use of QRInno’s proprietary technology, Resource.AI.

Computational BIM forms a key component of our Integrated Digital Delivery System, as it allows for advanced modeling and simulation that supports the entire project lifecycle.

QRInno’s Resource.AI is a powerful tool that uses innovative problem-solving processes and a predictive engine to automate tasks, optimize resources, and manage changes across different project phases. This includes features such as digital architecture and change management, integrated parametric computational design, and computational BIM for MEP and PPVC.

Resource.AI also provides real-time status tracking of subcontracting elements throughout the construction process, from fabrication to delivery and installation. The cloud-based project collaboration platform enables digital data exchange through a single platform, allowing all stakeholders to monitor the progress and status of work.

QRInno also offers a procurement database that helps construction companies digitize and optimize their quotation process, providing an overview and control over the entire construction process, from request to delivery.

Overall, our Integrated Digital Delivery System uses advanced computational design and digital technologies to streamline processes, optimize resources, and enhance collaboration between all stakeholders to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.