QRInno offers On-Site Engineer Consultancy services to provide “Integrated Digital Delivery” engineering resources and invest with our customers to build a complete capability. Our services include:

  • Digital Twin & BIM support and Digital Construction to enhance project planning and execution
  • Digital Take-Off Platform for fast and accurate quantity measurements
  • Integrated project management using Resource.AI technology for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Integration of funding and market feasibility forecasting for better decision-making
  • Predictive engine for contract and project administration using Resource.AI technology
  • Smart Resource Planning for engineering, automation equipment, and manpower
  • Procurement marketplace and database for streamlined supplier management
  • Customer and supplier relationship management for improved communication and collaboration
  • Embedded utilities with Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Sensor/Vision, and CCTV Network Infrastructure Services for enhanced project delivery.

Our on-site engineer consultancy services help our customers to achieve their goals by providing them with the necessary resources, technologies and capabilities to deliver their projects successfully.