Products Packaging 

QRInno Resource.AI Execution System for Web 4.0

Resource.AI and Intelligence Server 

The server for AI Command Center and Cognitive Service, it provides the core analytical processing power, competence matching, robotic resource policy, optimization and location job routing management features for deployment, reporting, analysis, and monitoring applications.

Analytics Server

An extension to the Intelligence Server that adds in-memory to the standard functionality of the QRInno platform. The analytics Server creates and manages Intelligent Cubes, a multi-dimensional cache structure that speeds up access to frequently used data.

IoT Services Gateway

Generates real-time data on enterprise access and authentication by automatically capturing and analyzing data from identity clients and servers.

Big Data Predictive Engine for Resource Allocation

Supports all major Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Amazon EMR. Once connected, data stored in Hadoop is treated just like any other source, allowing organizations to easily build big data applications.

Digital ID Analytics Server

Compliments any digital ID badge implementation. Digital ID Analytics delivers pre-built cubes, hierarchies, attributes, metrics, reports, and dashboards that are relevant to understanding enterprise resource utilization.

AI Applications API Server

  • Connection to Employee DB and Job Portal
  • Email AI Marketing Virtual Assistant (Bot Enabled)
  • Sales Virtual Assistant (Bot Enabled)
  • CustomerService Virtual Assistant (Bot Enabled)
  • AI recruiter API (Bot Enabled)

Seamlessly connect to any enterprise resource, including databases, mobile device management (MDM) systems, enterprise directories, cloud applications, physical access control systems, and more.

Data Source Sensors

  • Intelligent sensing devices (Sensors)
  • IVA (Intelligent video analytic)