Reward with QR-coin

QRInno is using blockchain technologies, for every service, the client can also receive QR-coins which client can later exchange for discounts or free services

Reward Management

  • Users can participate in the loyalty program and collect QR-coin for various actions, these reward types are available:
    • Fixed discount – can be applied to an order in online marketplace
    • Percent discount – can be applied to an online service
    • QR-coins– available only if QR-coins or VIP tiers are enabled.
    • Product – Free product from the menu.
  • Users can redeem rewards from a special screen in the application.

Rewards are also given to customers for participating in Referral & Loyalty program. Only the service manager can edit and view rewards, other roles cannot access them. There are several reward types available:

  • Fixed discount
  • Percent discount
  • QR-coins – available only if QR-coins VIP tiers are enabled.
  • Product

Each reward has a number of properties:

  • Required QR-coins- QR-coins required to buy this reward in the mobile app.
  • Reward availability – whether reward can be used online and in service
  • Reward validity – Unlimited or conversion after the reward is claimed.
  • Reward title – name of reward displayed in the mobile app.
  • Image – Either predefined or a custom one.

Referral and loyalty program

The service managers can also enable or disable loyalty program. The client can set ways how customers will earn points, e. g. fixed or variable reward for each service. Subsequently, the client can configure means of spending the points.The client can add existing rewards and set the price in QR-coins of these rewards.

  • Users can invite other people to join the Referral & Loyalty program. The client can send them a predefined text message or contact them via Facebook Messenger
  • After redeeming, users can immediately apply the reward. After clicking on the button, the client will be redirected to the online service location, with the selected reward already placed in the cart.
  • One of the optional features is service located an on Available service locations and branches can be displayed on the map in mobile app

Only the service managers can access and edit referral program settings. the client can enable two types of rewards.

  • First one is for new users who register using a referral code from an existing user.
  • The second one is given to users (advocates) who have referred another user and this user has made a purchase.
  • It can either be a one-time-only reward or client can get a reward for every n-th purchase of the referred user.
  • The service managers can also customize the message which will be sent to the advocates via Facebook or text message. Messages can be customized from the web applications using dynamic variables such as referral code, first and last name or loyalty QR-coins reward for service.
  • From the same screen, managers can also enable and modify the appearance of a post, which the customers can share on Facebook after each purchase or reservation.