Extended Service Delivery 

To boost customer satisfaction and reduce resolution times with mobile apps for field technicians.

QRInno helps organizations equip technicians in the field with apps that greatly automate the troubleshooting and repair process. By providing technicians with essential data on a customer’s account— their current equipment, latest software versions, crash reports and telemetry data, past service issues, contract status, and more—providers can greatly streamline service visits. These apps can be used to deliver step-by-step repair guidance or remotely reset software and equipment, reducing resolution times and boosting customer satisfaction.

QRInno AI execution system solution provides field agent automation with following analytic features:

  • Customer 360°analysis
  • Service team performance
  • Call center analytics
  • Customer self-service
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Closed case inspection
  • Customer service workbench

Customer 360°analysis

Provide customer support staff with a 360° view of customers.

QRInno can provide customer support staff and technical specialists with a 360°view of customers, enabling them to deliver better, more informed service. This type of analytical application brings together data from all your customer systems and is designed to capture a customer’s history of engagement with your brand, including product purchases, current software versions, and past interactions with support. With this customer information in hand, agents can provide better service and faster resolution times.

Service team performance

Get mobile updates on the performance of customer support teams.

QRInno synchronizes with all your customer service and trouble-ticketing systems to give service managers real-time, mobile insights into the performance of their teams. Monitor every case from identification through resolution and receive critical KPIs related to open cases, resolution times, escalated tickets, and call volumes per employee. With this data, managers can identify specific products or technology areas where team members need more training or determine if there is a need for headcount adjustments.

Call center analytics

Get real-time alerts on call center KPIs to closely track performance.

For call centers, the handling time, or the time it takes to resolve customer issues, is a critical indicator of performance. QRInnoenables organizations to closely track handle time and other KPIs across the entire call center operation by applying sophisticated analytics on data from disparate customer systems. By providing management with real-time alerts when KPIs begin trending in the wrong direction, QRInno helps organizations stay on top of performance.

Customer self-service

Reduce the burden on your customer service organization by deploying self-service support.

QRInno can help put self-service capabilities directly into the hands of your customers—greatly reducing the burden on the support organization. By building an engaging, consumer-facing mobile application, organizations can provide customers with troubleshooting and other instructions to help guide them through the resolution process. Customers can also use the application to upload photos and videos of their issue and collaborate directly with technical support staff on issues that have been escalated.

Closed case inspection

Analyze closed support cases to better identify a reoccurring problem’s specific root cause.

With QRInno Resource.AI, you can perform sophisticated analyses across trouble ticketing, manufacturing, and sales data to surface potential root-cause problem areas. This type of analysis can uncover trends and links that connect closed support cases to specific products, components, software versions, operating systems, devices, or geographic areas. Once discovered, an organization can work with either the manufacturing or development organizations to eliminate these issues or make fixes available to existing customers.

Customer service workbench

Get real-time insights into the performance of your support teams.

With QRInno Resource.AI, executives can receive mobile, real-time reporting, KPIs, and visualizations that summarize the state of their organization’s customer support functions. Executives can examine case volumes, resolution times, and escalation patterns to quickly determine if a team is meeting their performance objectives. They can also identify underlying product issues and respond proactively to limit the overall impact on customer satisfaction.