CodePlex Daily Summary for Friday, August 04, 2017

Popular Releases

  • X-tee.NET: X-tee.NET 3.1.3: empty line was added to the end of the multipart sopa message attachemnt ICommandInterceptor now has event BeforeMakingHttpRequest where we can access the xml sent over the wire
  • Project Nonnon: 2017_07_30: see ChangeLog for details.
  • mXparser – Math Parser Java Android C# .NET (CLS) MONO Library – v.4.1.1 – Aeries – checkSyntax() bug fixing: v.4.1.1 (2017-07-28): Aeries – checkSyntax() bug fixing – Fixed: checkSyntax() returns true “already checked no errors” #75 Enjoy 🙂
  • EWS Editor for Dynamics 365: EWS Editor for Dynamics 365 v1.0.16: -Added folder grid view filtering options for CRM items based on their linked state value. -Added the cecp custom property to item grid views. -Replaced the DataGridViews in Mailbox Details and the ExchangeSyncIdMappingViewer to utilize ListView instead. -Fixed an issue where the Synchronization Troubleshooter would show incomplete results due to a key not found error. -Fixed an issue where the Synchronization Troubleshooter would throw an error when performing ExecuteMultiple on ExchangeSy…
  • A native HTML4 / HTML5 Remote Desktop Protocol client: Myrtille 1.5.0: – changed prerequisites: IIS 8+ with websocket protocol enabled and .NET 4.5 (instead of .NET 4.0) – replaced Fleck websocket server by IIS 8+ websocket handler (now using standard 80 and 443 ports) – added websocket binary communication (no more base64 33% bandwidth overhead) – added session fixation protection (a new session ID is generated upon login) – added custom port support (i.e.: IIS Express uses port 2323) – fixed installer issue if both IIS and IIS Express are available on the targ…